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When your horse is dead, dismount. We have known for years that personalized cookie tracking is not the way forward. Yet, many marketers hold on to it or only move in small steps. This hesitation is expensive and will damage a brand in the long term. We are therefore convinced we have to pursue fundamentally different paths. We will show you how in three steps. And how Civey supports your success - without any personalized tracking.

Janina Cookie Break CEO and Founder of Civey, Janina Mütze

Before you start reading, here's a little bit of info for you: We also have a detailed whitepaper (in german) on the subject. You can find it here:

And now back to why you came here:

1. We'll show you who your customers are.

You want your campaign to reach motorhome owners who are currently planning a vacation. You are increasingly relying on users of fitness apps. Or the campaign addresses pensioners who like to use public transport. No problem. But how can you tell whether your message is reaching the right target group? How do you know which channel works best? Without cookies, it becomes difficult to map the actual customer journey - and almost impossible to compare the performance of offline and online channels. Civey to the rescue!

In the first step we identify your target group. We'll tell you what defines it, which values it represents and on which media channels you can find it.

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Therefore we collect data for you in our online panel, the largest open access panel in Germany. Every day around half a million pieces of information on consumption, customer requirements and media behavior are provided here. Data that you benefit from. Based on hundreds of data points and a self-learning algorithm, you get reliable data on your individual target group in record time. With the latest media data the market offers, optimal budget planning is possible.

2. Baseline measurement: We'll show you where you are right now.

At the beginning of each campaign, we carry out the baseline measurement for you. In doing so, we collect representative information from the previously identified target group as to whether they know your brand and your product and how they are perceived. In this way, we create the basis for your success measurement before you start with your campaign setup.

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The special feature: Even without the use of cookies, Civey can identify these users in our panel weeks or months later and ask them again about your brand and your product. So you not only find out what makes your target group tick, but also how attitudes towards your brand change over time. Here we are – right in the middle of your campaign success.

3. We'll show you which marketing operation really works.

We collect the impact of your campaign for you around the clock - across all channels. Who saw your advertisement? Does your message catch on? You recognize conversions, purchase intentions and even the image of the new product or your brand.

If you want to, you can even compare it with different target groups or regions in Germany. We ask your target group around the clock about primary associations, terminology and their changes in consumption. Thanks to the innovative survey method, you even get reliable data down to the district level. This is how you measure the success of your marketing and whether your messages are being received. Marketing measures can be adapted regionally and budgets can be shifted in an agile manner.

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All surveys that we carry out are developed by our research team in close cooperation with you. So you don't need to study statistics. Just look at your numbers every day and use them for your agile advertising management.

With Civey you can lean back when everyone around you is still arguing about third party cookies. You already rely on future-proof solutions and ensure the success of your campaign.

Need an example? This is how Volkswagen works with Civey

Volkswagen uses our real-time data to measure the success of the current ID. campaign. The Head of Brand Management & Customer Insight at Volkswagen, Dr. Gilbert Heise shares the following verdict:

Civey's campaign measurement enabled us to assess the success of the ID. campaign in real time. With the large number of campaign touchpoints, real-time tracking is an important contribution for us to measure the overall success of communication.

The target group selected was people who can imagine buying a new car within the next 24 months. The knowledge about special subgroups, such as people who want to buy a gasoline, diesel or electric vehicle, provide meaningful insights. Relationships between individual questions show the success of the campaign. For example, it can be measured whether – as a result of advertising perception – people who consider buying an ID. shifted their planned purchase time backwards or forwards.

VW ID Markenbekanntheit

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We are also at DMEXCO@home and will be offering a DEEP DIVE on the subject.

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Fanden Sie die Information hilfreich?