In den letzten drei Wochen hat Moe sein Schülerpraktikum bei uns gemacht und uns während der Arbeit und in Meetings über die Schulter geschaut. Wir haben ihn gefragt, was ihn besonders an Civey beeindruckt hat. Da Moe mit seiner Familie aus Amerika erst vor einer Weile nach Deutschland kam und sein Deutsch im schriftlichen noch zu unsicher ist, wollte er unsere Fragen lieber in Englisch beantworten. Wir freuen uns, dass Moe bei uns war und sagen danke für seine Zeit hier. Und die Donuts 🙂

What was challenging for you during your time at Civey?

Starting at Civey was probably the hardest task I have endured in a long while. Not due to intensive labor or anything of that sort, but rather the sheer overthinking whilst heading to a location over an hour from my house, not knowing what to expect. As it was my first internship, I had no sense of direction, and was rather fearful of making a fool of myself.

What did you expect before you start?

Upon arriving at Civey´s offices, I had no idea what to expect as I hesitantly rang the bell labelled „Omni“. Immediately I was greeted through the phone and was told to wait downstairs, as someone was being sent to my location. As I stood there anxiously, I played a thousand scenarios through my head and before I even realized, I was standing in an elevator, heading to my next 3 weeks. Upon entering the office, I was given a tour, through which I was introduced to the employees. It was nerve racking, but due to everyone having a welcoming nature, and hospitality, I felt as though I fit right in.

What did you do during in your internship? How was the experience?

Over the next three weeks, I received a variety of tasks, primarily conducting research. Whether it was on a journalist that was coming to conduct an interview, or Civey´s competitors, I had to give an outside perspective on a lot of things. For me the research on Civey´s competitors was the most beneficial, due to me learning so much more about the company, and just how far ahead they already were at such an early stage.

I learned things such as Civey will be one of the only companies to introduce a database, as well as a polling service, however for far cheaper than any other company that offers the same services. Despite incredibly affordable prices, what really sets Civey apart from any other company, and what in my opinion guarantees its success, is the calculating Representative Data in Real Time, which up to this point is completely unheard of. Civey is somehow able to offer data in a matter of seconds, which other companies take weeks to provide, and that is what truly differentiates Civey from its competitors.

Furthermore, I had the privilege of sitting in on meetings, and really getting a hands on tutorial of how a business works. From finances, to business team meetings, I truly understood the importance of being organized and what goes on behind the scenes.
To conclude my experience, Civey had provided an incredible atmosphere, and allowed me to feel as if it were my second home. I truly appreciate everyone at Civey for taking time out of their days to sit down with me and explain how each of their respective departments operate. I had a wonderful experience, and learned a lot from it, and hope to be back again!