Ömer Balyali kam aus der Türkei nach Deutschland, um Civeys Produktdesign in die Hände zu nehmen. Was war seine Motivation? was sind seine besonderen Herausforderungen bei Civey? Drei Fragen an Ömer.

Describe yourself with 3 words.

Music-fan. Water. Cats.

What was the motivation behind joining Civey?

As technology changes every part of our lives, we need novelty ways to shape our future and to do this, we need to understand the motivations of society. That’s where the idea behind Civey lies; We are creating a next generation technology to get public opinion more easily and make it accessible to the public. Of course, there are many ways to understand the motivations of the public but Civey differentiates how we transform the data into a meaningful wisdom, that’s where we develop our proprietary technology to create representative public opinion polls. So it was clearly the best decision to be part of Civey as the Lead Product Designer.

What are the topics that you’re interested in general as a Product Designer and also particularly for your role in Civey?

I like working with data and finding new ways to visualise it. The most important design challenge is to let people use our product without any distraction while they’re reading an article and let them think about their opinion on the specific poll, so their opinion can be heard. Our widget is embedded to different partner websites, accumulates thousands of new users from different backgrounds every day; so it’s important to create a simple, yet powerful product for everyone… These are the challenges we work on every day and the fun part is that you’re surrounded and working with really smart and kind people. So while we have end targets to achieve, we also focus on the process and the people too.